My awesome 22nd birthday!!

My 22nd birthday was awesome, why? because of my school friends.

I wasn’t actually expecting anything. Last year I had a spat with my dad, on my birthday and I knew for sure that we’re not going out for dinner this time.

I wanted to treat my friends, but school friends, no college friends. College is getting a little weird these days and I don’t think the people there are really my friends, so there was no point in treating them.

I was not in a very good mood, so I didn’t organize a party, but I was willing to give one, so when one my friends asked about the treat, I said whenever you want it and that’s how the plan was made. I called the other guys and they were there, except for one, he joined in late, as he was travelling.

We talked, chit-chatted about all sorts of stuff, grades, jobs, liquor, smoking, chicks, crushes, everything! We love laughing at innocence (read dumbness) of each other, but we still do in a respectful way, no like the friends that I have in college.

Anyhow, the time I spent with my friends, really made my day Awesome, so thanks guys!

As for my parents, they just don’t know how to celebrate somebody’s special day. It started with smiles, hugs and greetings, but within an hour or so everything was back to shit routine.

But that’s no their fault, they are not used to these kind of things.

My mom was picking out negatives of one of my friends, I know that she was right, but I told that the positives beat out the negatives, so it’s fine! But she doesn’t understand one bit.

Anyways, it was a good day overall, I’ll relish the memories.

Update on my plan, and some other stuff

Last few days have not been very great in terms of studying. I am trying, but my time management skills and energy levels are just not good enough.

College has started and things are looking, ok at the moment. But if I don’t start working right now, and keep up, I’ll lag behind and that will become a roadblock.

My profs are proper delhi people, want to take advantage out of each and everything. I don’t wanna use any harsh words but you get the idea right.

Anyways, I’ll just go to class and sit there like a stone, no emotions at all.

I was thinking about a few things today. First of all I have stopped greeting people, I have smiling, I don’t blink my eyes, they are steady as that of a drug addict, I don’t give importance to anybody and I am always prepared for a fist fight.

If anybody talks shit to me, I talk back, but no hard feelings.

I won’t talking to a lot of people, really!! When I enter class, I make eye contact with the wall, no emotions on my face. I don’t make eye contact with anybody, I don’t shake hands, I am not even interested in them coming to me and asking me how I am.

Before, everything was fine, everything was good. I was talking and sharing stuff with a lot of people. I sometimes get overexcited and talk a lot, but I am trying to tone it down. No person in college is worth my energy. My work is worth my energy.

I know, I will be missing out on an important aspect of college — the social life, but even when I try hard, I just look desperate, so what’s the point?

I have a few other things, but that I can’t share.

Feeling dead inside

not really, but any other title didn’t come to my mind.

the plan i have made for this semester is much better than what i was doing in the previous sems. from last 3 days, i haven’t studied shit, as i am progressing in my course, things are getting tougher and this time i have to prove myself that i can score marks and i can study. actually there’s nothing to prove, it’s do or die, i have no choice.

i will start right now and tomorrow is sunday, i will push out at least 5-6 hours of effort.

Everything’s back to shit again!

After getting by fucked in the semester results, I decided to change things, I decided to start studying early on, the way I used to study when I was a recluse, when the social life didn’t exist for me and the only thing I wanted was to become super successful and bang my crush.

For a few days in the beginning, everything was ok, I was studying and I was deriving pleasure from it, but then I jerked off. Yeah, I was holding it back after results. And after that happened, all the motivation was gone, and I slept at the time I had schedule for study and right now also, I was just watch some porn and masturbate. But I am not gonna do it. This has become a habit!!

In the past, I have tried to ignore women, hate them, so as not to get my dick hard at the sight of their naked parts, but that doesn’t work. When I see some hottie on Facebook, my dick gets hard and then I have to jerk off. That’s fucking irritating.

Yesterday, I went to hangout with school friends, I hated every bit of it. Right now, I don’t want to talk to anybody in the world. I want to just focus on myself. And no jerking off. I wanna concentrate energy inside.

So, everything’s back to shit, and now I have to take some actions to jump back to my schedule, because giving up is not the fucking solution. Plus, my weight is not decreasing!! fuck fuck fuck.

Lied at home about my 4th sem result

I lied at home that I got 67% in 4th and cleared all subjects. I thought about this for a few hours and then came to this decision.

The thing is… even if I had said that I had flunked, I had a genuine for it, and my parents know about it. They would have understood. But the thing, first of all, my dad would have over-reacted, he’s like that only. He is a man with a lot of pride and he can’t accept failure, neither for himself, nor for his family. So he would have totally flipped out.

My mum on other hand would go into sort of a depressive mood. She’s already suffering from diabetes and I fear for her health. She has been taking a lot of stress lately and this news wasn’t worth it.

Apart from that, I know that I will clear this software engineering paper in the 6th sem, like a boss!

I have told my brother though, he’ll be coming to Delhi for Raksha bandhan and Independence day, dekho tab kya kehta hai, abhi toh he has sided with my on not telling anyone.

I have handled myself pretty well, I have actually started to make changes and with a stable mind. I have also started to meditate, and I used to meditate during my exams as well.

I don’t know, I may be a loser, in fact, as per stats, I am a big time loser. But in order to lose that tag and become something in life, I have to word hard, like really hard.

I feel very bad about not telling my mum, because I share everything with her. She’s like a friend to me. But, I don’t want her to feel that her son is a failure.

After my dad heard that I have got a near 70 percentage, he was pretty thrilled, he was like — chalo itne toh le aaya. And he brought cake to celebrate. I told him ki itne acche marks nahi aaye hai, so please don’t bring anything, but he couldn’t resist. He want to treat me. I ate the whole thing, but was feeling shame inside the whole time.

I have nothing to prove to anybody, fail ho gaya toh ho gaya, kisi ko farak nahi padta hai, except for family. Is baar sirf bolna nahi, kuch kar ke dikhana padega. Izzat pe aan padi hai.

Got a backlog in the 4th semester of engineering

I am having a depressive mood right now. The result came today and I got a backlog in software engineering.

I was 14 marks short of minimum passing marks.

I would have to give this paper again, in the 6th semester.

I don’t know what to think.

I haven’t told my mum and dad. My dad’s gonna over-react, and my mum’s gonna be like… I don’t know what her reaction will be. But I know that I will clear it 6th sem, so I am telling them.

As far as placements are concerned, if I clear the backlog at the time of placements, it won’t matter.

Now I should not take exams lightly, screw social life, I have to get marks in the internal as well as external exams.

It’s a matter of my pride and this semester, I WILL TOP MY BRANCH.

Fixing my Panda hit site

So the plan goes like this.

-identify issues

-fix them

#h result of research (“causes of panda penalty”)

#h Thin content indicators

  • Does this page provide unique information or insights on a product?
  • Could this page be combined with other very similar pages?
  • Do people spend much time on this page when the visit it?

#c content that has less than 300 words could be considered low quality

#h to find low word pages

#c use screaming frog. sort by word count.

#h finding duplicate titles

#c use screaming frog. sort by occurrences. change titles.

#h over optimization triggers panda

#c excess keyword use. keyword stuffed titles. overuse of keyword internal linking.

#h how to recover

#c write quality content. remove low quality content.

#r characteristics of a good blog post

#c high ads-to-content ratio

#c to avoid high bounce rates and pogo sticking rates, serve the user what he came searching for, satisfy him

#c no confusion. no thin content. best usability. no deception.

#h keyword hoarding

#c one page shouldn’t rank of a lot of keywords.

#r ux optimization

#c content should target more than just head terms. build content that naturally targets thousands of keywords.

#c do site audit fast

#c Review the keywords and keyword categories driving traffic to pages. find interesting trends with how Google is
matching queries with content on your site.

#h implementation of abr, leads to reduced bounce rates

#c site should not be like a content farm

#c check for keyword densite, it shouldn’t be more than 1%

#h remove all broken, duplicate links

#h build topical authority site

What qualifies as a friend?

- someone you can enjoy talking to on a regular basis

- someone you can trust

- someone you can turn to when you need help with a problem

- someone who doesn’t judge you

- someone who can forgive you for your past, and love you for today

- someone you can confide in with your deepest thoughts, worries, dreams etc.

sahil 000100

udit 001000

abhishek 111111 winner

keshav 110111

rowdy na

nikhil 111111 winner

kapil 111111 winner

How to study for an approaching exam!!

1. Keep calm — keep calm, kanna keep calm, don’t watch pepsi ipl on star, subah se le ke shaam, kanna keep calm, don’t watch pepsi on star

2. select the material that needs to be covered, get an overview of what needs to be done

3. make a plan and list out the time that each topic requires, cover everything quickly first and then go to each topic in detail

4. experiment with study techniques that work for you

5. write things down, write important derivations, formula, the more you write, the better you’ll remember

6. determine the resources from which you are gonna study first hand, don’t do one topic for 10 books

7. if some topic is troublesome, ask for help

8. memorize as much as possible, some things needs mugging

9. study at the same time each day and study each day, find short study periods

10. if you are motivated by rewards, schedule some

11. night before the test, get your basics right, don’t forger hall ticket, don’t forget stuff you are gonna need and get at least some sleep

12. eat brain food like fresh fruits etc. don’t have too much coffee

13. wake early on the day of the exam, get your things in order, reach the hall at least an hour early and revise from notes

— remember, drop a gigantic deuce if you take exam in the morning

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